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gazerock2007's Journal

6 March 1988
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Questions of myself:

Birthday: March 6th
Birth place: Utah
Shoe size: 26
Favorite perfume: Peach
Brand of Cell phone: LG Ring tone: 30 seconds to mars
Favorite Brands: Vivienne Westwood, Sexpot Revenge, h.naoto
Favorite colors: Red, Purple
Favorite word: indubitably
Favorite food: Too many to list
Least favorite food: anything healthy lol
Do you cook? Yes What is your specialty? won tons
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, ABJD
Strong point: Loyal
Weak point: To trusting
Habit: biting nails
Daily routine: Working
Something that was often written on your school report card: Works hard
Recent Boom: Dolls
Charm point: personality
Weak point: personality, anger...
Something you are collecting: coins
What kind of room do you live in right now: A messy one
Favorite place: The art store
Place you want to try and go: Japan
What do you do on a day off: chill with friends
Something you brought recently: Books
A movie you watched recently: Iron Man
Recent troubles: Friends
Stress Reliever: Talking/ ranting
Right now the most important thing: Education and love ones
Person you respect: Father
What's your fetish: Vampires
Love is what color: mulberry
Child hood dream: Star ship captain
Older age enjoyment: Fashion design
A problem you think the world has: Corruption and ignorance
Are you good at waking up? Not really
Do you believe in fate?: depends...
If you rated yourself how many points would you give yourself: 7 points...
Whats your dolls name?: Alex
Who is he based off of?: Original character
Type of doll: AOD MO

More to be added at a later date :)

ball joint dolls, being british (lol), being creative in general..., drawing, expanding my horizons, fashion, j-rock, japanese culture, pretty boys, writing